Technically sound, friendlier, and a Spontaneous Writer!
Technical Writer

This movie freak discovered his writing skills by creating movie reviews from those he watches every weekend. Loves to spend time with friends and discuss about products and solutions with a sip of coffee. His sheer passion for writing finally made him a technical writer. We call him “express” for his spontaneous flow of ideas and quick completion of work without any flaws. His technical capability is a wire loop supplying power to lighten up our strengths.


Professionalism in work and life, Quality-enriched Writer!
Article/Tech Writer

Sensitive is his character, but just the reverse in terms of work. Difficult to convince him regarding quality and technicality; if the writing is unsatisfactory, one must pity his brain. He squeezes it as hard as possible without rest to derive the desired output forgetting even food and water. This family-bonded companion is the first to open the office gate every day; so punctual and sincere in timings and is always treasured for his time management skills.


A visualizer, out-of-the-box thinker and yes, a Creator!
Academic Writer/Instructional Designer

A quintessential Learning & Development professional with 6 years of experience in content-based projects, is really an asset to our team. Difficult to reach this busy-bee with his phone answering most of the time, “The subscriber is busy at the moment!” But, upon acceptance of assignment, his dedication is prodigious and the end-product can be processed blind-folded. As an instructional designer, he takes lead in the design and development of e-learning courses across various domains.


A natural story-teller, strong in emotional creation, and the Best-emotive Writer!
Ghost Writer (Blog and Fiction Writer)

Gifted are those to have a friend like her; so kind-hearted, lovable and definitely a passionate writer who inculcates an emotional touch in all that she writes. Her biggest strength in writing is the way she understands target audiences. Compromises everything for family, but never compromises work for family. This workaholic tries to overcome her darkness neither by listening music nor by chatting with friends, but only by writing and writing.


Subject Matter Expert, highly productive, and the best Researcher!
Academic Writer

Being a Doctorate, his contribution to research and educational field is phenomenal. He is such a hardworking person who thrives to make every single second productive and useful. Born for researching and involves in NGO activities for women’s empowerment. His motive is “grow and let grow”, and so sharpens his knowledge by sharing it to those interested to develop. His method of education is illustration-driven that even complex concepts are easily understood by students.


Detailed eye on errors, an Austere Editor!
Language Editor

This scary detector spots out all the errors like a teacher correcting the examination papers. No mistake can escape from her vision and so she is called as eagle-eyed by her colleagues. Eager to learn music, dance, painting, swimming, driving and too many in her desire list, but never continues more than two classes. Her interest lies in correcting the wrong and so she continues her journey of language editing for more than eight years.


Goal-oriented, passionate, and an Innovative Writer!
Web Content Writer

Imagines herself as the best creative-skilled and always seen with brush and paint or crafting items. Never leaves a wall plain, stains it with her paintings or craft and then blushes. But, definitely an informative creator with in-depth acquaintance to online research and possesses excellent analytical skills. Diverse knowledge in website writing, making it appealing and unique. Good imaginative skills and produces interesting storyline.