Press Release Writing

Any press release must be written keeping in mind the target audience. It must provide answers to Who, What, Where, When and Why questions that relate to product or business. Our press release writers ensure that the content is readable sticking to the key points. We avoid exaggeration and inclusion of unwanted data. We make the document informative that is sure to capture readers' eyes.

Content Rewriting

Rewriting content requires immense understanding capability and the writer must rewrite a sentence only after knowing the actual meaning. At ContentHire, the rewriting task is allotted to writers based on their subject specialization, for instance, if the project is based on engineering, the work is handed to the person who is technically sound in the field. We make sure that the content meaning is unchanged, yet different from the original document.

Content Editing

Language editing is one of the key aspects of content as it determines the quality of work. ContentHire team is very particular about editing and performs the task with utmost care. The content is never delivered to the client without passing editor's assessment. Our editing work passes through two stages, first is editing by an SME who certifies technical clarity and the next stage by language editor who helps in delivering grammatically error-free content.